Monday, August 22, 2011


IM HAPPY.  There's really no other way to explain how i feel these days.  I just realized i havent posted in a month, my bad.  So i started my student teaching semester on July 25th.  I am now in my 4th week of student teaching with the kids.  I LOVE IT!  I immediately built a great rapport with my students and i adore them already.  I have been doing really well in the program, and last week was AMAZING.  I was helping a classmate revise his lesson plan and i said "Its better to have 3 or 4 pages with a crap load of annotations than a page or 2 and not know what to say when ur in front of the students".  Little did i know my teacher was eves dropping and he responded with "mike, if i could take what you said just now and put it on a a banner, because that is absolutely true".  This may not sound like a big deal, but it is.  Im setting an example and setting a standard.  The next day i get to school and the principal informed me that i am student teacher of the month.  I deff didnt anticipate that, i dont feel like i was going above and beyond nor was i actually TRYING to get it.  I was simply being myself and being the teacher i know how to be.  It was such an amazing feeling.  He congratulated me and told me to keep up the good work; im glad the principal is seeing my potential and is praising me on my good work.  AN EVEN MORE AMAZING FEELING: Friday when i got to school after missing thursday (we have classes on thursday, so theres no student teaching) one of my 5th graders asked me where i was, i informed him i was in class all day yesterday, and with a sad face he says "well we missed you mr. bombela so please dont be absent again"....later that day after teaching my 5th graders a lesson i asked a student if she enjoyed the lesson and if she understood everything.  she responded with "yes i did, it was fun because you taught always make it fun mr. bombela"

This isnt to brag at all.  Its simply me expressing that i cannot be happier with my career choice.  I am doing very well in my student teaching and it has put me in such a happy place.  The students give me energy at the end of the day when all i wanna do is lay down and sleep.

I ALMOST FORGOT.  I am also one of the football coaches for our middle school football team.  we are a small team, but my boys work their butts off.  Being a coach has really helped me build my rapport with the students and to get my name out their letting my principal know i am dedicated to my students and my career.

This blog may not be very exciting to the readers, i have nothing negative to say.  IM HAPPY!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A fit of Rage

So its been a while since my last blog.

The first 4 weeks of my program have been amazing.  I love the kids and I love the program.  The faculty is awesome and I've by hard had the best feeling of family with these teachers than any other site I have been to.

One of my advisees in particular I have grown ridiculously close to.  This kid is EXACTLY the way that I was growing up and in many ways remind me of how I am now.  He is forced to play a tough kid role, but he's such an innocent, young, playful, goofy, funny CHILD.

On to the part that has put me in a fit of RAGE. ASU decided that they would tell me ON TUESDAY that I have to be in class by MONDAY....6 EFFING days later.  Im supposed to be cleared for the next 3 weeks.  First I tell my faculty I have to go home, tears flow.  On to the tough part, yesterday I had to tell my 3 advisees that I have to go.  The two that im not as close to are ok, they are sad, ask a lot of questions, but are generally ok and understand the situation.  My closest advisee, on the other hand, not the same reaction.  I immediately notice in his eyes hes torn up. He shuts down and gets quiet (exactly how I respond).  An hour later a teacher tells me she saw my kid crying.  I was absolutely torn and completely broke down.  I caused a kid who looks up to me and cares so much about me to cry.

At this point I thought the hard part was over, NOPE! It was time to tell the rest of the students as a whole.  I get up in front of all of them and begin to explain that I cant return after friday.  I notice a room full of students crying.  Once again it broke my heart.  Ive managed to make a room full of 7th and 8th grade students who look up to me and care about me cry.  I know its not my fault, but it made me feel like such a shitty person.  It is the worst feeling to hear the sadness in my students' voices when they are trying to wrap their heads around the fact that I cant come back on monday to teach them how to solve a proportion.  Ive lost sleep and have been sick to my stomach thinking about letting these kids down.  Its just not fair.

There is some positives though.  Today we went on a field trip to downtown Sacramento.  The students got taken home first and when we got back we were welcomed with a thank you dinner from the 8th graders.  The 8th graders took it upon themselves to introduce me up front on stage and they each told the room why they were thankful for having me teach this summer and how much they are going to miss me.  Yes...i cried again.  You would think I would be all out of tears, but somehow they keep flowin!  The teachers have been awesome in supporting me and making my last few days the best they can be.  Tomorrow is my last day with the kids.  We are visiting a college then going swimming.  Im just glad my last day happens to be 100% fun.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just Keepin it Real!

So as of last monday I flew out here to Cali.  It was great to see some of my relatives, but I have to see them all.  Ive been in training and orientation since wednesday.  I will get to see them on saturday though.  Other than missing my family things arent going too great.  Me and my roomie zack were supposed to be in a homestay, but the lady never showed.  We are currently in TEMPORARY homestay number 2.  So hopefully that situation gets fixed soon, its putting a damper on things.

So, the last few days is also the reason i started blogging.  I feel like everything said on FB or Twitter is taken up the butt.  And if this is making you mad then stop reading, cuz ur just gonna get more pissed off.  Ive used my FB less and less because ppl are so sensitive and im on the verge of using my twitter less and less as well.  People really need to get their head out of their ass' and kick rocks.  Yes im a A-Hole and yes im quite d!ckish.  Im ok with that, because i respect and appreciate those that I value in my life.  More importantly, those that I value and respect KNOW that I value and respect them.

Im sorry, but life isnt about making everyong happy.  Its about getting where you need to go and making yourself happy. Nobody can get me where i need to be except me.  Sure there are people that i can turn to and ask for guidance or help along the way, and i do, but its still me getting where i need to be.  If you dont like my personality then goooo aaawwwaaayyyy. Furthermore, If ur offended by what i say or do then stop listening/reading/watching what i say and do, its that damn simple.

On a much more positive note:  I am thoroughly excited for this summer.  I get to spend weekends with family and just shut off the dramatic world if i want to.  This is my last summer before i graduate so i intend on doing it big (in a professional sense).  Im gonna rock the hell out of my internship before i return to AZ and rock the hell out of my student teaching.  Im focused, im driven, a lot more patient than last year and i taste blood.

Yours Truly


Ok, so I have never blogged before, so bare with me.  The name is Mike.  I also go by Mikey B, Big Mike, Goomba.  Student at Arizona State, getting out of there soon.  In this blog I will be putting anything and everything that is on my mind.  No worries, anything negative will remain unattached to a specific person.  I am 24 years old and will hopefully soon become a grown ass man! Hope you all enjoy, if not well then don't read it anymore.